As a member of the New York State Dental Association member benefits include:

Governmental Relations
Gain active representation in NY state legislature, Department of Education, and Department of Health to preserve your professional rights and status.

Finance and Insurance
Participate in an endorsed liability insurance program that is the largest and most experienced of its kind nationwide. Also: have access to an endorsed competitive insurance policy, a collection service, a credit card processing service, and a home mortgage program.

Peer Review
Be part of a process which gives you and your patients the opportunity to have dental treatment evaluated in a noncombative environment. Implemented at the component level, this NYSDA program eliminates much costly and needless litigation.

Legal Counsel
Get expert information from NYSDA in-house legal counsel on issues such as OSHA, OPD and State Human Rights Commission complaints, malpractice, ethical standards, and professional misconduct.

Communications and Development
Obtain the benefits for your practice from an active statewide media relations program. Patients and prospective patients are educated to understand the high quality of dental service you provide. NYSDA sponsors award-winning health care programs for children, senior citizens, and the general public. Corporate partnerships support these programs.

Continuing Education
Assure your professional competence by taking advantage of NYSDA's outstanding educational programs in child abuse recognition, infection control, and risk management. NYSDA provides a CE Registry to assure credit for your course work.

Keep informed about current developments that impact your profession through the award-winning Journal, Newsbriefs, and other publications. NYSDA regularly supplies its 13 components with important news updates.

NYS Dental Association
20 Corporate Woods Blvd., #602
Albany, NY 12211
800-255-2100 or 518-465-0044