Providing leaders and dental education: Our accomplishments

The Bronx County Dental Society has every right to congratulate itself. We started with a small membership and a limited bankbook. Enthusiasm was in great supply. Our membership had leadership experience with dental organization at all levels.

To help "grow" our resources, Leslie Zucker and Howard Glazer organized a dental meeting. They had both been part of the "lecture circuit" and generously called in many favors. Les and Howie set up the meeting we know as the Big Apple Dental Meeting with help from a small group of dentists and made it a success in its first year. It is now a permanent part of the dental educational landscape. It has developed the reputation of having the best speakers available, often presenting them before they become nationally noted.

Matthew Hertz set up a financial program to optimize the return form our savings and has ably acted as a financial "overseer" ever since. Milton Wechsler set up the political and ethical structure that enabled us to connect with our past as we looked to the future. Seymour Nash and Herman Rubin gave us instant credibility. They were both known at the DDSSNY level with Seymour Nash being active at the ADA level. Herman Rubin spent untold hours representing The Bronx as only a past president of another component society and a veteran of the DSSNY Board or Governors could. Hy Rubin and Milt Wechsler have passed away in body but we still enjoy their legacy. Seymour Nash having been a past president of another component and DSSNY Executive Director Emeritus represented The Bronx on the national level and helped train Matty Hertz to be his able successor. Sy has decided to rejoin the FDDS but we appreciate the efforts he made on our behalf.

The past ten years has seen many gifted and bright dentists pass through the chairs of The Bronx County Dental Society. They all deserve plaudits for their contributions. Robert Yeshion is currently representing The Bronx at the DSSNY Board of Governors. He has learned to work behind the scened as well as in open forums and is proving to be a valuable Bronx asset.

We still have friends in high places. Neither Jay Glat nor Murray Saper have forgotton their Bronx roots. Joseph Schachner helped us as General Chairman of the Greater New York Meeting giving advice on speakers and organization.

Connie "Joy" Patane is the glue that holds us together. She doesn't need files, but has our records including phone numbers committed to memory. Fortunately she promised to stay until she has to babysit her grandchildren.

We are fortunate in enjoying new leadership and new ideas. The next ten years should be every bit as exciting as the first ten for The Bronx County Dental Society.

Bertram S. Bildner, D.D.S.
Executive Director