1975 A young dentist knowing none of his colleaques walks with trepidation into a Bronx County Dental Society meeting. He is welcomed, made to feel at home and finds a instant source of information and support. Thank you Matthew Hertz.

1977 The society's house chairman leaves the county and the young dentist is asked to fill the position. He is "forced" into becoming involved with the day to day workings of organized dentistry. Thank you Milt Weschler.

1979 The dentist becomes the editor of the Bronx County Bulletin. Over the next few years the format, size, style and content of the journal are changed. Thank you Herman Rubin.

1982-1984 The dentist becomes active on the peer review committee and climbs the ladder of the Bronx County Dental Society. His knowledge of how organized dentistry works for him grows as he works within organized dentistry.

1985 The Bronx County Dental Sociiiety becomes the thirteenth component of the Dental Society of the State of New York. Can a small group of dentists provide all the required services of a district society to its members?

1986 The Big Apple Dental Meeting debuts. Nine years later the meeting is an established and nationally recognized annual event. Thank you Les Zucker.

1987 The dentist becomes president of the still fledgling Bronx County Dental Society. In spite of his limited abilities the society survives his stewardship and continues to grom. Thank you Bert Bildner and Joy Patane.

1988-1995 The dentist remains involved in society activities, becoming a member of the DSSNY council on Dental Benefit Programs and an alternate ADA delegate. A growing family takes up more of his time but on the eve of our tenth anniversary the dentist remembers. He recalls the above events and ever so much more and he wonders. Who has "got" the most out of this relationship the society or the dentist? The dentist put in time. He received in return twenty years of personal growth. He met colleaques he never would have met and gained knowledge he would have found no place else. Thank you Bronx County Dental Society!

Richard P. Herman, D.D.S.